Mandarin Kitchen - 30 Lunch Specials Available

Mandarin Kitchen - 30 Lunch Specials Available


Customer Feedback (5)

  • Serena C.

    17 December 2015 at 15:26 |
    Just ordered delivery for tonight and it was really good!

    I ordered the honey walnut shrimp and the Szechuan pork, both came with rice. The walnuts were super crunchy which I loveeee. I hate when it gets all chalky. The shrimp had the right amount of sauce and they're pretty big. The Szechuan pork was really good, too. Not as flavorful as the restaurant we usually order from, but pretty close (plus the restaurant we usually order from doesn't deliver).

    When I called in the order, the girl who took my order spoke perfect English, which was a relief. I was quoted 45 minutes, food got here in half an hour. The guy who delivered the food was nice and polite.

    Will def order from here again.
  • Brie D.

    23 July 2016 at 16:18 |
    I'm on a mission to find the best vegetable fried rice and egg rolls. So far this place has moved to my number one spot. Customer service was great, food is fresh and hot. I'm actually in the parking lot eating .No need to drive off, I'm going to enjoy this delicious food
  • J B.

    30 October 2016 at 16:22 | I know that there's a misconception out there that "Chinese Take-Out" all falls under one umbrella, which is as long as it's edible and doesn't make me sick, it's fine. Kinda like Big Macs, right? But let me tell you about Mandarin Kitchen in Torrance. First, I have not gotten past the Orange Chicken, B B Q Pork Fried Rice & Chicken Chow Fun, so my review may seem a little limited. But if you are a fan of these dishes, boy are you in for a treat! The BBQ Pork Fried Rice is great. Rice is tender, pork flavorful and just enough scallion, peas and carrots. Chicken Chow Fun is sick delicious and the Orange Chicken? Forget everywhere else. THIS IS THE BEST ORANGE CHICKEN E-VER!! Crispy, delicate sauce, with plump and juicy pieces of chicken.

    I have NEVER had a bad take out here. The staff? SUPER FRIENDLY and always patient.

    This is my go to spot. Hopefully it will be yours, too!
  • Chris Z.

    13 November 2016 at 15:23 |
    Delicious Chinese food. This is our go-to Chinese food delivery spot. The service is very good, and the food is delicious. Our family orders the veggie chop suey, chicken crispy noodle, beef and broccoli and orange chicken. I've never liked broccoli beef but I love theirs. My wife and I haven't cared for much of the Chinese food we've had in Los Angeles, so this place has been a gem.
  • Alexis M.

    10 May 2017 at 15:28 |
    Wow! Really great Chinese food. Ordered chicken and broccoli, easy but delicious. Broccoli wasn't soggy and the chicken was cooked great, not slimmy like other places. The wonton soup is out of this world. Homemade broth, big chunks of vegetables, not too salty. Perfect! Steamed dumplings were thin and delecate and full of flavor. Mongolian beef was delicious, not too salty. Yummy!

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