Wild Birds Unlimited (HB) - FREE Seed Character

Wild Birds Unlimited (HB) - FREE Seed Character



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7171 Warner Ave #H, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
 (714) 375-1333

*Of equal or lesser value. Valid only at participating store listed. One discount per purchase. Offer not valid on previous purchases or sale items. Offer valid 12/1/17 through 12/31/17. bbg1217

Customer Feedback (3)

  • Cheri P.

    22 April 2016 at 13:12 |
    A wonderful place to go and shop for yourself or friends who are bird lovers, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, it's a peaceful stop at the end of a workday.
  • Gilbert B.

    11 May 2017 at 10:20 |
    One of my wife and my first dates was birdwatching. So for Valentine's Day, I went here to buy a hummingbird feeder for my wife.

    I'm so glad I came here because I get massive kudos almost every day from my wife for having the best, most unique valentine's day gift ever.

    I was super skeptical when these guys told me that if I bought a bird feeder that I would get any birds. I live in a concrete parking lot and never saw birds. The guy was so passionate about the bird feed's superiority to other products that I have to say I was taken back. I bought the whole huge stand and the premium feeder.

    This guy turns to the TV and points his remote to the TV and has a live stream to HIS Freaking backyard where there were like 16 birds just mobbing his bird feeder--one exactly like the one I was going to buy.

    This guy said that I should buy a little fake leaf pole because "the birds would be standing in line" to eat from the feeder.

    I was willing to take the plunge because it wasn't that expensive but I was highly skeptical.

    The guy said it would only take two days for birds to start using my feeder.

    It took about two weeks, but this sales guy totally nailed it. HE WAS 100% RIGHT.

    Birds be mobbing my bird feeder. They literally stand in line. I top off my bird feeder every other day with feed.

    You don't understand, I live in the WORST location for feeding birds, but we literally constantly have 4-5 birds on the feeder at all times. And it's like 5 inches from our window. We actually scare them away sometimes when we all crowd around the window and watch them.

    I'm seriously amazed at how this works. He swears that his bird feed is superior to other feed, so I bought a five pound back from the grocery store and did a side-by-side test with another feeder. And this guy was right. The only birds that eat from the crappy grocery store brand are the idiot birds who keep getting kicked off the good feeder. The reject birds. And even then, if they wait long enough, a spot will open up on the good feeder and they will fly over to it immediately.

    Trust this guy. You can have like four hundred birds every day in front of your window too. You can even do it way cheaper than I did.
  • B.Z.

    07 December 2017 at 11:22 |
    The Best store ever!! Was in total awwe when I walked in. All the stuff to feed & support the wild birds with love, living free in nature. I love it so much, made my whole day.

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