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A Perfect Fit - Fine Lingerie!


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  • Elizabeth H.

    31 March 2017 at 08:39 |
    I've been converted. No more painful and ill-fitting Victoria's Secret for me, woohoo! I was a bit skeptical about ever getting a professional bra fitting (thinking it was more likely a reality tv gimmick), but my partner insisted on it and after much persistence and work on his part, he finally convinced me to walk in here. To say I haven't had any luck with bras in the past is an understatement. I was completely disillusioned that anything besides a custom-made garment would fit me.

    Well, if you're like me and consistently find that the average department store bra sticks you in an odd place, or that you're sore at the end of the day, or that available generic sizes don't fit you like you see in televisions and magazines, I absolutely recommend making the time to stop in here. After booking a 2 hour fitting appointment, trying on numerous selections with my partner along for opinions, and actually learning a real lesson or two on bras (even the basics, like how to put one on correctly, haha), I walked out with just three bras (I didn't want to rush things). Well, fast forward six months later, and I have completely overhauled my bra collection to carry just those styles and nothing else. My life has completely changed. Not an understatement.

    My clothes look different. My posture is different. My comfort is above and beyond. I am sold on these bras. In fact, I'm almost borderline addicted, which is where my 4 stars comes in. They carry such a limited selection, that my go-to bra has been unavailable in the store twice now. Apparently, I'm not the only one who has this problem. It's gotten to the point where they have to order ahead for me, which is their usual solution for anyone with this common predicament. And because these particular bras are being imported from Italy, I've sometimes had to wait for over a month before I get a call back that it's been delivered.

    Yes, I can order the same bras from their designers directly online. And yes, the price is more or less the same. And yes, I've done it a few times already. I just prefer going in to the storefront for the experience of it, and the expertise of these amazing women who, without their plethora of knowledge and resolve to help a newb like me, I would not have discovered the saving grace of one perfectly tailored, body hugging, smooth as silk, heaven-sent bra.
  • Rani G.

    08 June 2017 at 08:27 |
    I LOVE this place!! I came here 3 years ago and Deborah right away, from me just walking in door, knew I was in wrong bra. She fitted me, spent a long time with me and got me in the best bras!! I have been coming here ever since. I came back today for new bras bec I lost weight and she again spent time with me and got me in the right bra. The right bra makes all the difference. Deborah is great bec she doesn't bs to get you to buy stuff, she tells you how it looks and fits. The bras are expensive, but a few good ones will last years. They have incredible swim suits and other lingerie as well. Don't let prices stop you, go today and see Deborah!
  • Heather S.

    28 June 2017 at 11:24 |
    Deborah and Connie are my favorite people in the universe! They are experienced and knowledgeable about bras and how to best fit someone. They are sensitive to your needs and (if you are shy/modest) your wants. If you don't like what they bring out to show you, you are certainly not obligated to buy it. I am generally specific with my requests and now that I have been there more than once, Deborah knows what works best for me. As someone who used to be in chronic pain from wearing the wrong bra style and size- these ladies are basically my heroes.

    I discovered A Perfect Fit in 2014 when my best friend dragged me here (completely against my will) when I was complaining about pain from my cheapo Target bra. Up until this point, I detested bra shopping. What is worse than trying to find the right bra? (especially when you are full figured!) On top of that, I am painfully modest. So bra shopping for me has always meant a battle against tears and humiliation, especially when shopping in larger department store settings surrounded by people who are generally tiny and seem to have no trouble finding what they want/need.

    But I digress. My friend (who is also impossible to fit) comes in with me, and before I know it, I am talking with the Connie and Deborah about my experiences bra shopping. They inquired about my work and what kind of clothes I typically wear. Deborah brought out at least 15 bras, all which she assisted me in trying on and kept me in complete privacy and respected my modesty.

    The help these ladies give during each visit is a testament to the dedication they have to their customers, their store and their expertise. Ladies, I urge you to give this place a try, especially if you are experiencing discomfort or are hard to fit.
  • Christine Q.

    16 October 2017 at 11:51 |
    I am a large breasted woman and have had multiple problems finding the correct fit. I also flex in weight. Today I went to get a bra and Debra was absolutely amazing. She was honest, helpful, and more importantly very personable. I highly recommend this place and more importantly recommend Debra.
  • Cecille M.

    14 December 2017 at 09:56 |
    I came in about an hour after it opened but needed to wait as they had only one fitter available. (I will make an appointment next time). I picked up a bra I thought would fit me.

    Once I got into the dressing room we got down to business. The "bra genie" basically told me the bra I was wearing was the wrong size even before I took my shirt off. She quickly measured and came back with 5 bras that fit amazingly. I could not believe the fit. Like a glove doesn't begin to describe what having the right bra fit feels like.

    If you are extra shy about being touched and adjusted this may not be for you. She's not exactly gentle. Realize she needs to teach you how to get your bra on correctly. But if you truly want the magic that is a correctly fitting bra -- this is the place.

    Of course my favorite one was the most expensive one, but the others were reasonably priced. There was no going back though. I bought 2 in the bag but wore a third one out because my old one just will not do anymore.

    Thanks A Perfect Fit! It was worth the wait!
  • Nicole S.

    14 December 2017 at 09:58 |
    I have been a customer since moving back to So Cal in 2013. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they have always had a great selection. I wear a large cup size that is not carried in traditional department store. Having an actual choice to try on and select from is amazing and the styles are very modern and flattering. Definitely not your Grandma'a bras! I have even had my teenage daughter fitted here for her first nice bra.

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