Lotus Bistro - 15% Off Any Purchase!

Lotus Bistro - 15% Off Any Purchase!


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Lotus Bistro

325 Old Newport Blvd., Newport Beach


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Customer Feedback (3)

  • Michelle T.

    01 September 2017 at 10:22 |
    Best Vietnamese restaurant I've been to, and that's saying something. Most good places have one speciality that they do better than other places, but this place has been excellent across the board.

    The wonton soup is delicious, with an amazing broth. The vermicelli combo is also really good, and the grilled pork in it is on point.

    Rolled wafer cookies with the check! Definitely coming back!

    Plus, service is excellent. Especially for a Veitnamese restaurant. ;)
  • Chef D.

    01 September 2017 at 10:25 |
    What can I say that hasn't already been said about this soon to be classic Newport Beach Vietnamese restaurant?

    After coming here whenever I am in the area over the last 3 years I have yet to be disappointed by this family run restaurant.

    To describe Lotus Bistro as a Vietnamese restaurant less than 10 miles from the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam serving authentic family Vietnamese dishes with American influences would limit such definition greatly.

    The dishes are made according to their ethnic origins, but things like chicken tend to be breast meat which to most chefs including myself is the most flavorless, dry part of the chicken instead of moist succulent and when seasoned properly, savory part of the chicken.... the thigh.

    But some FAD DIET sold Californians on how great chicken breast is and now for decades have been missing out not only some amazing meals, but the true ethnic culinary adventure places like Lotus Bistro could offer.

    Vietnamese cuisine prepared traditionally is some of the freshest, healthiest cuisine on Earth....and how many fat Vietnamese do you know? !
    Yes, I already know the answer.

    Back to the bistro...
    Tucked in off the Old Newport Blvd heading off from PCH or Lido Island it is an unassuming building with a comfortable, casual interior with a the family and staff serving you directly always ready to please.

    And please they do!
    From the owner to the busboy your water glass never runs dry.
    The food is served freshly made, the rice is perfectly cooked to accompany their dishes.

    Today I kept a simple fare of the Lotus Bistro Grilled Pork fresh spring rolls with a hoisin and peanut sauce and one of their signature dishes, Shakin Beef.

    Whoever prepared the spring rolls did so with the speed of a savant just eagerly waiting for my order.

    The soft moist tightly wrapped rice paper around the lettuce, ciltantro, bean sprouts and thinly sliced slightly crispy grilled pork offered a wonderful myriad of textures as your teeth break through the stretchy rice paper only to be met by the crunchy slicing through of the sprouts, lettuce and cilantro only to finish through the crisp grilled pork slices before your teeth met.
    I added a little Sriracha sauce to my peanut hoisin sauce just for added kick. Nice

    Then the Sizzling plate of Lotus Bistro Shakin Beef made with cubes of tender juicy filet mignon perfectly cooked to a medium rare to medium if you let it continue cooking on the hot plate, accompanied by freshly diced onion and sweet red bell pepper that sat in its own juices making its natural gravy.
    Which is one of the displays of the chefs skill and culinary understanding of beef most likely influenced by the French-Vietnamese inspired cooking methods that separates Vietnamese cuisine from other Asian cuisines.
    The wonderful brown beef gravy was perfect for dipping a fresh French baguette into or as is done by the Vietnamese, putting their white rice into the gravy and using a spoon to sop up that wonderful liquor of red meat in between mouthfuls of filet mignon, bell pepper and onions.

    The quality and freshness of the ingredients cooked just right made this a most enjoyable meal....all just under $20! $19.87 to be exact.

    I have paid much more in other restaurants for much less and the additional 50% tip was just a thank you for such a simply enjoyable meal.

    Lotus Bistro understands the MangoMonkey motto...
    "Always be True to the Cuisine" - Chef Dom

    Chúc ngon ming!!
  • Khoi L.

    01 September 2017 at 10:27 |
    Working in Irvine its hard to find good, or even passable Vietnamese food in the area. All the choices near John Wayne Airport are terrible. However if you're to drive a little south to Newport Beach you'll find this cozy little gem tucked away on Newport Blvd.

    I've ordered lunch from here multiple times through uber eats but this time I made the trip with a few coworkers. We shared a combination of spring rolls and egg rolls for appetizers. The spring rolls were fresh and egg rolls were piping hot and crunchy just like they've been made rather than re-heated. For the main dish we all had the filet mignon pho with meatballs. The soup was very flavorful and filet was very tender. If you do order make sure you upgrade from the thin steak to the filet mignon. It is well worth the extra few bucks. The service was great and the owner Kevin is wonderful!

    I usually don't venture very far for food but when I'm craving Vietnamese food in the Irvine and Newport Beach area. This will be my only choice. Usually at Vietnamese restaurants you have to sacrifice either flavor or service & cleanliness. At Lotus Bistro you won't have to give up either. And might I add their prices are very reasonable?

    Its about damn time Newport Beach had some good Vietnamese food.

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